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  • Transfer sheet with high absorbency of fluids
  • The new innovative system for patient transfer.
  • It can be used in all situations when a patient should be transferred from one carrier to another, from one bed to another, from the floor to a carrier etc.
  • Wrasfer sheet in addition to being highly resistant allows the absorbency of fluids and exudates up to 3,5 liters, which guarantees the optimum containment of possible infections. The product was developed as a result of a special study with the goal of favoring the transfer of patients in grave conditions by the rescuers in sea and in all other places, where other methods of transfer could be inadequate and difficult.
  • The sheet 2 in 1 WRASFER is a disposable device of the risk class I (according to the European Directive 93/42/CEE) and it is a strong, effective and hygienic solution for safeguarding of patient transfer up to the total weight of 150 kg as well as a means of rescuers protect from possible contamination due to the patients’ loss of exudates. It has been specifically studied for the transfer assistance of patients (up to 150 kg) and it has been designed for use in paramedic services, hospitals, hospital emergency wards, nursing homes, funeral chambers and for remains transportation in special conditions. It can be used in complement to other means of recovery and transport such as vacuum mattresses, rescue stretchers, scoop stretchers, Toboga stretchers etc.
  • Sheet dimensions: 220x100 cm
  • Dimensions of the absorbing part: 200x50 cm
  • 3-layer construction: PE-foil, nonwoven and cellulose fluff
  • Weight: 350g
  • Maximum carrying weight: 150 kg
  • The individually wrapped device is non-sterile and cannot be sterilized.
  • The Wrasfer sheet can also be used for the remains and corpses transfer.
  • The constant use of this sheet on carriers and stretchers (especially in case of emergencies) allows to prevent carriers from cleaning, to save money(costs) and to avoid the use of disinfectants (sometimes even aggressive ones).
  • After its use the sheet can be easily eliminated and the carriers or stretchers are ready for the next use.
  • ATTENTION: The application of the transfer sheet should be adequate to provide assistance to two/four patients depending on their weight and always according to the application requirements/indications on its package. There are further documents and a video available about the correct use of the sheet.
  • The transfer sheet WRASFER cannot be used as a means of patient transportation (cannot substitute stretchers, carriers or other medical devices intended for this particular use).



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