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  • Emergency Cervical Collar “Champion Collar” is new double valve collar adjustable in different heights.
  • Allows immobilization of the cervical spine, minimizes flexion-extension and ensures better control of axial rotation and lateral flexion movements.
  • Ideal for those who want to have, with a single article, several possibilities of immobilization.
  • Ideal for post-traumatic situations in the cervical area, where a valid support and/or protection of the skeletal system and the muscle bands is necessary.
  • Central hole for the control of the trachea and the execution of a tracheotomy procedure.
  • Has been developed for use during medical emergency and flat two-piece design allows efficient placement in limited spaces.
  • The end of the Velcro is in orange color for a better identification of the grip.
  • Polyethylene structure, black LD padding, nylon buttons and Velcro strap latch.
  • If used when skin lesions occurred, protect the wound with an appropriate bandage; in such situations, do not use the device in direct contact with the wound.
  • Can be worn during CAT scan and MRI.
  • 100% Radiotransparent - Latex-Free - Unsterile - Single-use – Disposable
  • The device is disposable. However, it is possible to wash in water at 30°C with neutral soap or detergent.
  • RDM Code 1424411/R
  • CND Code Y060312

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